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  1. How does a Premix based Vending Machine Function / operate ?

    A premix based vending machine, is a micro controller based dispensing unit. On the press of a button it dispenses an accurate and preset amount of Instant Premix powder and preset amount of Hot Water (90 95 degrees) into a mixing bowl, which mixes and dispenses the Hot Beverage within 3 seconds.

    A premix based machine is the Most Hygienic form of making tea, coffee, soup, or any other hot or cold beverage In comparison to a fresh milk machine. As premixes are stored in an Instant format in specific air tight containers, and have no unhygienic exposure to atmosphere.

    A fresh milk machines container is continuously exposed to climate change, parasites, microbial contamination, leading to health risks and wastage.

    Maintaining a premix based machine is Very easy and can be learnt by any office staff, and requires only 5 minutes of daily time. Also all our machines come with Auto cleaning facility. Thus ensuring you get a Hygienic, Economical and Refreshing Cuppa.

  3. How are Instant Premixes made and are they Natural ?

    We will like to throw light on some facts regarding the Tea / Coffee produced by the Vending Machine and will like to clarify your most of the doubts.

    Firstly we will like to make you aware regarding the exact raw materials used for making these products.

    Tea Premix contains Instant Tea Extract, Milk Powder, Sugar and natural cardamom or masala, ginger, pudina, kesar ,cinnamon, clove etc. While Coffee Premix contains Instant Coffee, Sugar and Milk Powder.

    Instant Tea Extract
    This product is prepared from Tea Leaves by spray drying process. It is 100% natural and no additives or chemicals are added to it. Tea leaves used here are of much higher quality and grade even compared to as what we use as at home.

    As extraction requires the highest quality to contain the same nutrients and antioxidants required to make the best quality Premixed Tea.

    Milk Powder
    This is prepared from Milk only. Here also no additives or chemicals are added. We use only branded milk powder of companies like Nestle or Amul or Britannia.

    Sugar: We use sugar of more purer form and grade normally used for manufacturing packaged foods, as compared to what we use at home.

    Instant Coffee
    We are using Instant Coffee manufactured by Nestle India Ltd.(Nescafe). This product is widely and commonly used at home by all of us.

    Tea Masala / Cardamom / Clove / Cinamon / Ginger / Pudina
    100% Natural Ingredients are used by us, to maintain the top most quality and taste.

    Many a times our customers ask us why they get small white particles in their mouth, and is their a problem with the quality.

    Absolutely NOT, this is due to NON Usage of any artificial flavors, and usage of only natural spices and condiments.

    This is highly appreciated by our more than 1 lakh daily using consumers.

    From the above information you will find that we are using all natural ingredients only for manufacturing our premixes. The ingredients used are like common things used by everyone at home for making tea / coffee.

    As regards our background, we like to inform you that we are set of highly experienced entrepreneurs hailing from Finance, Marketing, Engineering and an FDA approved Chemical Analyst. We also have Food Technologist as our consultant for Technical Guidance and product development.

    We have manufacturing facility in an controlled Air Conditioned premises with all the necessary licenses from local authorities under MPFA ( Maharashtra Prevention of Food Adultration Act) etc.

    Thus the Tea / Coffee Premixes manufactured by us are of utmost quality standards and manufactured from all natural raw materials.

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  5. What are the different types of machines and how do I choose which one is best for my office/ factory etc ?

    Please read through the website as it provides detailed pictures, of all the machines we manufacture. To asses your requirement, please call us and we will be able to guide you, in procuring the right machine.

  7. What is the running cost of the machine ?

    The machines manufactured by us are one of the finest in India, on technological front. All machines are micro controller based Direct Current (DC) machines. Thus using 24 Volts for most of its operations.

    The heater is a 2 KV, thermostat based tank. Thus curtailing the electricity costs.

    We have observed that if a machine is being run to dispense upto 200 cups in a day, and is kept switched on 24/7, in Mumbai region the average electricity bill is approx Rs.700/- per month.

  9. What will be the per cup cost of any beverage dispensed ?

    The average cost per cup of Gross 70 ml (Full cup of Chaiwallas), will cost you only Rs.2/- per cup. This is almost 50% savings, in comparison to tea ordered from Chaiwalla or made in the office on Gas.

    The machines also have a Half cup facility which dispenses an exact Cutting Chai, which will cost below Rs.2/- per cup.

  11. What sort of after sale service is provided ?

    You may please understand that Vending machines are a Hygienic, Cost effective, mediums of dispensing our Core Products, which is the Premixes.

    We generally attend to any break down, or service call within 4 working hours (10am 6pm) within Mumbai region.

    And up to 48 hours in remote locations. You will be happy to know that we do have a full fledged service network now from Ratnagiri to Ankleshwar region. (Western Strip of India). Thus we will not let your machines malfunction or go out of function as our core profitability is directly affected.

  13. From where do I get the Premixes ?

    As mentioned earlier our core business is Premixes, thus to receive any and all sort of technical and after sale service, you are expected to Buy the premixes from us.

    Also it makes lot of sense to buy only from us as, we at HCVS are one of the Top most quality premix manufacturers. Thus you are assured of top most quality at a pricing much lower compared to competition.

  15. Why do business with HCVS, and what is the comparison with Competition ?

    We have evolved as one of the Most reputable, Ethical, and transparent Vendor to more than 500 + corporate establishments.

    Due to our highly customer centric focus, infrastructure lay out, control over end to end manufacturing to end user service, widest product basket, and impeccable Sourcing and execution Capabilities. We have left competition Miles behind us.

    And Most Importantly "As we always say at HCVS: CALL US FOR A TASTE DEMO. Let the Hot Beverages DO the TALKING"

We offer tea vending machines and coffee vending machines at affordable cost from Mumbai, India and also offer instant premixes for tea, coffee, masala milk, soups, etc

Address : A/3, Mhatre Plaza, M.G Road, Dahanukarwadi, Kandivali (West) Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067
Phone: +91 22 65246586
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