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Tea premixes

We are tea coffee vending machines manufacturers headquartered in Mumbai providing a wide variety of tea vending machine models to suit individual customer’s taste and preferences. We also manufacture Tea Premix, Coffee Premix, Hot Soup and variety of Coffee Vending machine and Beverage Coffee Machines.

Balanced sugar (Premium range)
All varieties of tea premixes are formulated with a balanced level of sugar, generally accepted by most people.

Low sugar (Deluxe range)
All varieties of tea premixes are also available with low levels of sugar for those who are calorie conscious.

Without Sugar
All varieties of tea premixes are also available without any added sugar.

Tea with milk and sugar Tea with milk and sugar the way Indians love
Masala Tea Masala Tea
Traditionally ground spices and condiments added to provide maximum punch with a great taste of tea.
Cardamom Tea Cardamom Tea
Natural cardamom extract used to create smooth and classic taste of tea.
Lemon Grass Tea Lemon Grass Tea
Earthly taste of this tea is a result of lemon grass oil added with a pinch of Masala.
Ginger Tea Ginger Tea
Apart from good taste, starting your day with a cup of ginger tea, keeps your digestive system healthy.
Mint ( Pudina ) - Ginger Tea Mint ( Pudina ) - Ginger Tea / Masala Tea
For years mint is known for it's digestive properties, mixing it with ginger / masala makes relishing cup of tea.
Plain Tea Plain Tea
This basic variety is for those, who believe in fine taste of tea and strictly nothing else added to it..
Chai Latte Chai Latte
The word ”Chai” is used in many Asian countries to describe the most common beverage, ‘tea’ added with milk and sugar. Chai Latte’ is the westernized variant of this basic drink, with a bit of spices added to it, usually light in flavour and milky and frothy in texture. Try our ‘Chai Latte Premix’, you will love it..
Black Tea Black Tea without milk, the way world loves.
Lemon Tea Lemon Tea
Refreshing taste of lemon tea is liked by billions, all over the world. By adding a slight hint of orange, we make it a special preparation. Sip it hot or cold, any way you like..
Fruit Flavoured Tea Other Fruit Flavoured Tea
  • Peach Tea
  • Apple Tea
  • Apricot Tea

These tempting fruit flavours go very well with tea as an ice-cold drink.
Rose Tea Rose Tea
Innovatively formulated rose tea, with exotic flowery flavour and therapeutic aroma not only calms your mind but also relaxes entire body. Serve it hot or cold to surprise everybody.


Providing Instant Tea premixes of various flavors like Lemon, Masala, Ginger, Rose tea etc at wholesale rates. Our tea premixes formulated with balance taste of sugar which mostly referred by people.

Address : A/3, Mhatre Plaza, M.G Road, Dahanukarwadi, Kandivali (West) Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067
Phone: +91 22 65246586
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